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Lillian Strand Verksamhetsutvecklare (NO)

Telefon +47 (0)74-17 51 95

Mail lilst@trondelagfylke.no

Maja Blomqvist Projekt Coordinator (SE)

Phone +46 (0)63-14 65 48

Mail kontakt@smice.nu

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SMICE is a space for knowledge sharing and an arena where needs and resources can be met. All in order to reach a sustainable society more rapidly, characterized by circular economics.

By adding sustainable initiatives and available resources to the SMICE network, they become searchable and visible. We are aimed at individuals, organizations, companies and public sector, at all stages of the business.

SMICE network can strengthen your idea and business with, for example, training, contacts, financing advice and sustainable corporate and product development. Knowledge sharing is a basic idea in SMICE and it is important that everyone involved in the network is prepared to be contacted by actors who want to learn *.

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* You can indicate if possible conditions for what, when and how to share your resources.

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