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SMICE is a network that works for a more sustainable society. Everything done in SMICE is based on the needs of the participants, with the goal of seeing more sustainable ideas become reality. SMICE is a cooperation between Norway and Sweden in the regions of Trøndelag, Jämtland and Härjedalen.
>> Opportunities on individual level  

What is needed to develop the place where you live? Within SMICE, you can help organize courses on sustainable themes. It can be about booking an inspirational lecturer (on location or distance) or access technology and local for meetings. We also support idea development and design workshops, both on occasions and for longer periods. The top also for town teams and clubs!

>> Opportunities for businesses

How can both the company and the environment go plus? The SMICE Network is able to develop a more sustainable company through new working methods and business ideas.

You can, among other things, get help with training, contacts, idea development and advice on financing that will make the company better equipped for a greener future.

Practical Support & financial advice

Do you need help to advance with your idea, find more people who want to be in, knowledge or contacts? Or is it time to find funding for your sustainable projects? SMICE can assist in building the project through workshops, courses, contacts and providing personal advice on possible ways to find funding. Listen to you and we will discuss how we can best support you!

Lillian Strand Project support (NO)

Phone: +47 (0) 916 - 85 967


Maja Blomqvist Project management  (SE)

Phone: +46 (0)63-14 65 48


Frequently asked questions

Why are we doing SMICE?

SMICE is born of the Regional Innovation Program in combination with several actors' passion for sustainability and regional development. The idea is to create a coherent platform where all the initiatives for sustainable and circular development meet and grow together.
The choice to work on the basis of circular economics is based on the fact that we see great opportunities to link the resources and needs found in the Midnorden.

What kind of support can I get from SMICE?

The support consists partly of the network in terms of skills and resources, but also of the opportunity to develop together to reach a more sustainable society faster. The SMICE offers are equally useful to individuals, companies, organizations as associations. When you need help, look first on the network to see if you find what you need. For best help, register your initiative / need (under the Engage tab). SMICE Administration then does everything we can to match your needs to progress in sustainability work with the resources available in, and sometimes beyond, the network. The organization behind SMICE holds deep knowledge in a number of areas and the network is large. Our goal is that anyone who asks for help to get on can get it. Sometimes there is a need for continuing education in an area, for example, that a number of people in the network signal that they want to develop their ability to work with a particular area. The SMICE mission is to meet that need and we then create one or more courses or events to meet demand. During the winter / spring 17-18 there are courses in Design thinking and events where we map existing circular companies and initiatives.
If you miss an event or an education, get in touch with us and we will look at possible solutions. There are also good opportunities to embed business symbiosis and collaboration of various kinds, which is of extraordinary interest to companies and organizations. More about this under "What support can I get as an entrepreneur?"

What kind of support can I get as an entrepreneur?

Sustainable business is becoming increasingly relevant to many companies and in the near future, it will be a survival issue from more perspectives than economics. Today, we see more and more companies that work, in whole or in part, based on a circular business concept. Examples of time are eg Rent-a-Plagg, Philips Lightning Service, Airbnb and Hygglo. SMICE can assist with the development of both new and existing business ideas in a more circular direction. It might also be about seeing opportunities for a residual material, thus moving it from cost to revenue. The network is also a door to collaboration between companies and across the border to Norway. SMICE operates in South Tröndelag and the midnordic interaction holds enormous potential that remains to be explored. There are also good opportunities to embed business symbiosis and collaboration of various kinds, which is of extraordinary interest to companies and organizations. SMICE includes representatives of Mid Swedens University, who like to see long-term partnerships with companies in the region. Smart industry is also a part of SMICE, where industry's digital development is a key issue.

What is circular economy?

SMICE supports the development of Circular Economy in the Midnight. Circular economy is about the vision to end the cycle by minimizing residues, waste and utilizing natural resources more efficiently. When we share, borrow, rent & upgrade value is created without spending resources.
Circular business models are based on collaboration and innovation and open opportunities for development of both existing and new corporate ideas. Examples of time are eg Airbnb, Hygglo, Philips lighting service & Rent-a-Plagg. Circular economy is a key to social and business development that at the same time builds economic, ecological and social sustainability.
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My project needs help with something that's not in the network, what can I do?

Contact the SMICE Administration and we will do our best to help you:

My project needs money, can SMICE help with that?

In SMICE, there is the resource "Project Support", where you can find help in finding possible funding paths. However, project support can not help you to write applications. Fill in the application form (under the Engage tab) and tell us more about your needs and we will contact you.

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